What to do with a Junk Car

There are over 300 million roadworthy vehicles being driven throughout Edmonton and its surrounding areas with an average of about 12.5 years. After sometimes, most of the roadworthy cars end up in driveways, garages, and others take up valuable space on your or in someone else property. In some cases, the continuous caring and storing of these eventual junks can even lead to relationship problems. However, there are several things you can do to get rid of these junk cars from your property.

You can sell your junk car to another driver

Although many people in the market need a prominent deal on a new car, there are some who can buy a moderately aged car with a proper price tag. However, a junk car is by far difficult to sell for cash to a private buyer. And although noise, dings, and some leaks might be delightful to you, sometimes they can be deal breakers to the potential buyer. If by any chance you will require to put more into your car different from what you will get out of it or even recover cost, you should consider an alternate solution.

You can recycle your junk car

Almost 97% of a car can be recycled. Recycling a single car can save up to 2800 pound of iron, 1500 pound of coal, and 150 pounds of limestone. Fluids can be reused or neutralized, glass and plastic can be melted down and reused, rubber tires can be recycled, and metals can be melted and purified. This ensures a 98% decrease in mining waste, 85% decrease in air pollution, a 72% decrease in energy cost providing new materials for the auto industry. About 30 cars can be recycled within one minute, giving 20 million tons of recycled materials and adding about $ 30 billion to the Edmonton’s GDP every year.

You can scrap your junk car for cash

There are various ways in which your beloved car can become a junk car. Sometimes it can be through a number of accidents and the repair cost have exceeded its value. Perhaps, the car can still run safely for many more kilometers. And in most cases, the car can be looking fine but still fail to run at all. If your car cannot perform its work safely or take you where you need to go, then it is a junk car. In such cases, a great scrap car can easily get it off your hands for a good cash.

When is it a good time to scrap your old clunker?

Junking a car is all about timing. After many years of memories with loved ones and adventures with your family and friends in your car, it can be difficult to give away your car. Before you decide to junk your car, it is crucial to make sure you get the right timing. Various signs can be revealing it is time to junk your car. They include:

You are better than your first car

You have been with your car for many years, probably you have given it a nickname and even you can remember the day you bought it. It may be hurting thinking about it but after 15 years you can decide to buy a new car. There might be nothing wrong with your car at the moment. It may have travel for 150,000 miles but the breaks have been replaced and the transmission is working properly. Not all junk cars beat up, broken vehicles. If you are looking at vehicles and you discover a car dealer selling a vehicle attached to attractive or beneficial incentives, junking your car can be the best choice. With a number of car dealers rendering free basic maintenance and different exclusive offers, junking your car can save you money on your new one. Junk Car Edmonton pays top dollar for used cars, hence you can easily get the financial support you may need for a new and a great deal.

The cost of repair is more than your Junker’s worth

You know it is time to sell you junk car when you have got a number of bills adding up. Consider your engine and transmission. These two components can break your bank if you are not prepared for their breakdowns, leaving you with an unwanted car. If you have traveled by your car for more than 100, 000 and you have never replaced your engine or transmission, you may be headed for trouble. Hard to roll or broken windows, broken door locks, torn seats, weak brakes, and seats that can no longer recline might be something you can cope to live with although it is worth holding on to. All these repairs can be affordable, but when you start adding everything up, it can lead to a heavy dent in your pocket. Knowing when to sell your junk car really reduce your bills to whatever you are okay with living in denial.  Call a reliable pick n pull yard in Edmonton is your best bet to get instant cash that is the fair market value and not getting ripped off.

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